Monday, September 24, 2007

Reading, reading, reading

Where do I find all these goodies, you may very well ask. That depends on whether I'm looking for something specific, or just happen to come across it.

The 'unsearched' for ones, I find by reading my RSS feeds in Google Reader....which I found at some stage looking for something in particular, no doubt.

So what's Google Reader all about? If you have a google account, you can subscribe to RSS feeds from anywhere and read them all at Google Reader. It's free. And being online, it doesn't matter which computer you log in at, you will see which entries you haven't read yet. Lovely.

I use Firefox, so the first thing I did after starting to use Google Reader was find a shiny extension to use in conjunction with it. The one I use is Google Reader Notifier. It puts a little icon in the Firefox status bar, telling you how many unread items you have, by label even. It checks every few minutes (configurable) to see how many articles are awaiting your reading pleasure. Clicking on its icon will open Google Reader in a new unfocused tab (though you can change this setting).

Google Reader in all its glory:

Google Reader has recently gotten a search function, which is the ant's pants. In addition to the tech-y blogs, I subscribe to several food blogs here in Singapore (which I have given the same label to), and now I can search just those blogs for a location or a restaurant name before I go out to feed my face. So, so good.

And since subscribing to the local newspaper's RSS feed, I'm never without something to read....well, skim over ;-).

Oh yeah: don't do what I did and tell it to default to Google Reader, when you get asked how you want to subscribe to the feed. You get weird things happen if you do a search and try to click on a page containing a feed. Not good.

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ashamel said...

Interesting. I guess our big difference is that you read a lot of feeds, whereas I just have a few mixed in with all the lj stuff. So lj syndication works for me, but has a few problems every now and again (mainly when a feed resets itself somehow, and you get a whole slew of back posts. Not sure if that happens to other services).